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Jul 23, 2012 6:00pm PDT
with a disturbing first look at mr. holmes. >> good evening, when that accuse movie theater gunman entered the court room, it made some people cried and others stared at him and one victim's family members later said that he looked " demonic ". his demeanor continues to make people wonder about his sanity. james holmes had brightly dyed hair and appeared to be days that his first court appearance since the deadly massacre at a colorado movie theater. the suspected gunman refuse to look at the judge while it was read his rights. several times it looked like the 24 year-old was nodding off. >> you are being held on the no on hold ... >> prosecutors said they did not know if he was on medication and they were given until next monday to file formal charges. >> there's no such thing as a slam-dunk case, we're still looking at the enormous amount of evidence. >> the district attorney said her office will consider pursuing the best penalty and consult with the families of the victims before making that decision. family members of several victims were in court during the hearing. some said that they just wa
Jul 20, 2012 6:00pm PDT
, thank you. >> the gunman has ties to california, 24 year-old james holmes group in san diego and his parents still live there. neighbors remember him as a shy teenager, but a loner that did not play or socialize with neighborhood kids. but he was involved with his family in their local presbyterian church. he graduated with honors from uc riverside before attending the university of colorado, going for a ph.d. in neuroscience. his family asked for privacy but did release a statement today " our hearts go out to those that were involved in this tragedy and to their families and friends of those involved. we're still trying to process misinformation. >> theaters throughout the country are stepping up their security tonights, amiand from w on the amc theaters will not in any one in customer including masks or anyone carrying fake weapons. in the meantime san fransisco police will be patrolling cinemas in between calls, it is the same story around the bay area with departments keeping an extra high on movie theaters. >> we're very concerned about copycat type of action. as you know the m
Jul 30, 2012 6:00pm PDT
declined comment on the report. >> james holmes officially faces charges for the movie theater massacre in colorado. said lawrence tells us that some of the people wounded in shootings watched as prosecutors read the charges against homes. >> james holmes stared straight ahead as prosecutors charged him with 140 counts of murder and attempted murder. >> 24 counts of murder and first-degree and 116 counts of criminal intent to commit murder. >> the court room was packed with family members in shooting victims recover from their wins. prosecutors say that he opened fire inside of a caller on a movie theater, murdering 12 people and wounding 58 others. >> we will not back down and let his your take over our lives. we will stand up against him. >> people at the hearing said that he appeared subdued and days and still has the orange dye hair seen during his first court appearance last week. he spoke only one saying " yes " when the judge asked him if he understands the charges. he was charged with murder with the liberation and murder with extreme indifference. he also toured with possession
Jul 24, 2012 6:00pm PDT
. prosecutors are set to file the formal charges monday against the 24 year-old james holmes. police expected to take months to complete the investigation and establish a motive. he's accused of gunning down dozens of people at a midnight batman premier in our rural colorado last friday. 12 people died and 15 still in hospital including a man who was shot in the eye. today he became a father and his wife gave birth to a baby boy in the same hospital where he is recovering. friends are raising money to help with the family's medical bills. the batman star christian bale is also reaching out to the victims, he traveled to russia to visit those recovering in hospital. and we learn today that colorado is seeing a spike in people seeking gun permits in the wake of the shooting friday. len ramirez shows us that bay area gun shops are also busy. >> this mountain view gun store is full of customers, lots of people looking and a steady stream of buyers. the owner says that the colorado shooting as part of the reason why >> interest has increased quite a bit, sales have been strong all year >> he said
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4